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Google’s Android is an open-source mobile operating system, which is widely accepted by the developers’ community for developing Native Android Apps. It has a foundation on Kernel Linux using the Android App platform, apps are easily customizable and technology stack like Java and other programming languages are easy to integrate. Being primarily designed for smartphones and touchscreen devices, Android provides a rich application framework.

Business Growth with Android Mobile App

android app development

These days Mobile Applications have become a necessity that contributes to the success of your business. Due to its Versatility, Android brings more changes for the developers to reflect in their app development practices than any other mobile platform.

Developing robust Android Apps for your enterprise can help you boost your business to the next level and provide various opportunities. Android is the best-fitted app development platform when you are looking for an error-free and user-friendly mobile application.

Below are some amazing facts about Android Apps for business and personal use.

» For Businesses

The high volume of Android users plays a very crucial role in attracting new customers for any business, ultimately helping the businesses to upscale their growth exponentially.

Android apps due to its cost-effective marketing tools and easy to adopt features can reinforce and gain exposure for your brand quickly, helping you to boost your business and increase ROI to the next level.

Android apps help businesses to improve customer services instantly by providing a quick review and feedback option.

» For Personal Use

The majority of Android apps are free so without spending a single penny make it’s easy for individuals to accomplish a variety of tasks.

It enables individuals to stay connected with the latest innovations in the mobile world at a comparatively low price because the cost of an android device is cheaper.

Android App Development Services

Dynamic Android App

With years of experience and a pool of talented developers, we will help you to build dynamic, full-fledged, scalable, and robust Android applications.

Enterprise Solutions

Meeting all your enterprise standards, we provide a highly scalable and high performing Android App.

Transfer & Update Service

Now transfer and update the app to a different platform with the utmost efficiency under the expert team at Webbybutter.

Consulting Services

With years of experience and experts in technologies, we’ll provide you a consultation on the nuances of Android app development.

Support & Maintenance

Apart from Android app development services our team also provides 24×7 support & maintenance services to our clients.

QA & Testing

Our QA expert always keeps an eye on your project right from the initial stage, until it starts working smoothly on all intended platforms.

Advantages of Android App Development

Get High Visibility

As it offers a wide array of features, the Android app becomes a top priority for businesses across the globe.

Offer Seamless Customer Support

Seamless service is one of the most important reasons to choose android development

Adding Value for the Customers

The android platform makes substantially easy customization through its versatility features.

Comes with Direct Marketing Mechanism

Android apps today facilitate several direct and personalized marketing strategies, which include push notifications, email marketing, etc.

Drive Customer Engagement

A lucrative interface helps business to boost ROI (Return on Investment ) and also have the potential to widen your target audience.

Simple Approvals

Android applications don’t have to experience any stringent approval process prior to advancing into the market.

Hardware Compatible

Android applications run on gadgets from various producers with changed equipment arrangements.

Market Fragmentation

While fragmentation poses challenges for the developers, it also offers an equally lucrative opportunity for the businesses.

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Why choose Us for Android App Development Services?

Undoubtedly, Android comes on top when we talk about app development. The demand for android app development because of its popularity and advantages witnessed an unprecedented jump.

As a leading Android app development company, we don’t just build Android App but we aim to build up long-term relationships with the businesses through our extensive production and design process. Selecting Webbybutter for your Android app development means we’ll help you tackle any problem with future-oriented questions and make a robust application for the mobile-first business.

Our versatile team delivers native Android apps or cross-platform apps built on Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, etc. to give a wide range of services including interface design, data migration, re-engineering, and device-agnostic app development.

Webbybutter is a leading Android App Development Company that provides all the services starting with requirement analysis till deployment on PlayStore.

The BUTTER Way Development Process


  • Requirement Gathering
  • Vision & Scope
  • SRS & SAD
  • Project Schedule

Prototype & Design

  • Wireframe Design
  • Design Implementation
  • Exploring Possibilities
  • UI/UX Evaluation


  • Front-End Coding
  • Back-End Coding
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Cloud Integration


  • Unit Code Testing
  • Bug Fixes
  • Final Touch
  • Quality Assurance


  • Feedback
  • Deployment
  • Launch On App Stores
  • Project Delivery

React Native Mobile App

In today’s highly competitive world of technologies, if you are looking for technologically advanced, robust, and innovative apps, then React Native is the best option.

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Xamarin Mobile App

Xamarin is an open-source platform by Microsoft for building cross-platform apps with C# and .Net.

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