Developing Medical and healthcare app is now becoming a common practice with each day passing. The dreadful pandemic has changed the way people receive medical attention. People are now using healthcare apps to know about their medical conditions at home itself. The pandemic saw significant growth in medical apps downloads in January 2020, with South Korea being on the top with a 135% increase in healthcare apps downloads.


Even before the pandemic, the mHealth market was growing exponentially.  According to Statista, the mhealth market generated revenues of around 28 billion US dollars.


So, it’s fair to say that it’s an ideal time to get into the market. Here are the top 10 healthcare apps ideas for you to explore.



The buzz of healthcare apps is increasing patient engagement, which means that individuals are focusing on improving their health and wellness. People tend to follow a healthy diet on a doctor’s or a fitness expert’s recommendation. Further, healthcare apps provide a user with schedules and reminders of any follow-up on doctor’s appointments.


Healthcare apps are revolutionizing the way medical services are made available in terms of consultation, treatments, and medical prescriptions.


Nowadays, the healthcare industry is also a front-runner in the race to obtain the benefits of mobile technology. In fact, 52% of people prefer using their smartphones to get healthcare information such as prescriptions, health diagnosis information, etc. The number is significantly higher in 2022. 33% of medical professionals/ doctors prefer utilizing smartphones to handle their tasks efficiently.


Healthcare apps market statistics

Presently, the healthcare apps market is expected to hit the $500 million mark in 2022. Further, with the substantial increase in smartphone users and the development of 5G networks, the market is going to have worth around $213.6 billion by 2025. Statistics also predict the increase in the global mHealth market i.e. 247 billion dollars by 2025.


Here are some exceptional medical apps ideas for healthcare app development.


Top 10 healthcare app development ideas for entrepreneurs in 2022

Medical applications, mHealth portals, and healthcare mobile apps for patients are becoming common in the market. Healthcare apps or mHealth solutions are increasing along with the global increase in smartphone usage.


Such medical apps for healthcare organizations help in providing their services with quality care, impeccable workflow, and increase patient interaction while minimizing the cost and complexity. People are switching to smartphone technology and looking for convenient ways during illness to access mhealth. Hence, there is an increase in on-demand healthcare applications.


Here are some numbers to justify the point.




All the signs point in one direction i.e. healthcare mobile app development. Let’s start with some health app ideas and figure out which is the best healthcare app idea for you.

1. Healthcare Monitoring app

This type of app will allow both doctors and fitness professionals to track the vitals of every patient with conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, sugar levels, cancer, and much more.


The smart wearables will help doctors keep an eye on vitals such as:

  • Pulse
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose


Most of the devices will be connected to the internet. Hence, the data will be real-time.

Must-have Features in Healthcare Monitoring App:

  • Patients list and records
  • Lab reports
  • Prescription management
  • Critical condition notification
  • Lab test request
  • Electronic health records access

2. Doctor Consultation App (On-demand Doctor’s app)

Often people have complaints of getting a severe headache or stomach ache in the middle of the night. At times, there is nothing you can do about it at that point of time. So how will an individual handle such a situation?

An on-demand doctor consultation app will surely help patients with this issue. Irrespective of your location you will be able to book a doctor’s appointment in no time. In addition, the Doctor On-demand app will also allow you to video chat with the doctors. That means a patient will be getting in-house telemedicine service as soon as possible within the next few hours. Moreover, you can pay your doctor’s fee via such On-demand apps.



Must-Have Features in the Doctor Consultation app:

  • Search doctors by availability, locality, and specialty
  • Instant doctor appointment
  • Booking history
  • Book Free appointments slots
  • Scheduling/Rescheduling of appointments

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3. Health Reminders App

In general, people tend to forget about their medication at times. So this gives you a chance to launch a medical startup where you will be able to leverage resources on the web to build a health reminder app. This is one of those instances, where you can provide an endless number of healthcare apps to build a health reminder without a doubt.

Must-have Features in the Health Reminders app:

  • Allow setting reminders
  • Information of medicines
  • Constant alerts
  • Track history
  • Emergency Dial

4. Pharmacy Delivery App and e-Prescription:

The demand for this type of app is increasing, especially after COVID-19 struck the world. People could barely go out to get their medicines due to the pandemic. Also, many patients need frequent medicine refills. Under those circumstances, the pharmacy delivery app is a good way of delivering medicines because the pandemic undoubtedly made people go for the Pharmacy Delivery App.




If your app has an e-Presciption feature it will directly send the e-Presciption to the pharmacy. Hence, patients will save a lot of time. The e-Presciption will also be helpful in setting up a flexible ecosystem where doctors, pharmacies, and patients will work in complete synchronization whenever necessary.

Must-have Features in Pharmacy delivery and e-Prescription:

  • Patient profile
  • Drug database (FDA approved)
  • EHR integration
  • CRM integration
  • Pharmacy store info
  • Push notification
  • Delivery tracking
  • CMS integration
  • Legal Rules & regulations compliance 

5. Medical Record App

Every once in a while we need to recollect our old medical data from a pile of our files. However, from time to time, we have no clue where we actually put the file. For a patient with severe medical issues, it will be necessary to fetch complete medical history.

So, a medical record app will be a lifesaver in such a situation. The idea of this app is simple, it allows patients to add their personal health records manually and also, permission to share them with the doctor before the appointment. Further, this app will allow patients to upload:

  • Medical reports
  • Lab test results
  • Medical history

Must-have Features in Medical Record App

  • Patient’s profile
  • Speedy upload
  • Import/ export
  • Chat feature
  • Medical history ( Category-wise)
  • File sharing

6. Recovery App for Addiction 

Everyone has an addiction to some or the other thing. Isn’t that right? It’s a common thing. But, there are some addictions that will take a life out of you. Moreover,  addiction can push you on a different path in life, which will eventually lead to Alcohol, Drugs, Caffeine, mobile addiction, Nicotine, or Sugar addiction.


To help out addicts, you can have an app for recovery. This will help addicts to break this chain of addiction and set themselves free.

Must-have Features in Recovery App for Addiction:

  • Chat feature
  • Support group
  • Video sharing
  • Emergency alerts

7. Women’s Wellbeing Healthcare App

There is no doubt about the fact that both men and women have different healthcare demands. But, a woman goes through a lot of changes both physically, emotionally, and psychologically throughout her life.


So, if you are looking to address these issues and specific needs for women out there, a well-being healthcare App is your best option. The wellbeing healthcare applications will lay out different medical situations for a woman to understand her needs. Further, it will also help a woman understand what’s she’s going through.


This type of application will help women track their ovulation, fertility window, periods, therapies, diet, motivational music, medical research papers, and a lot more.

Must-have Features of a Women’s Wellbeing Healthcare App:

  • Ovulation tracker
  • Period tracker
  • Fertility window
  • Diet tracker
  • Motivational music
  • Medical research articles
  • Push notifications
  • Exercises
  • Flow calculator

8. Mental Healthcare App

Nowadays, people are suffering from several mental health issues (psychological), such as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and the list goes on. Today, people are not ignoring any signs of mental illness.


There are different functionalities that you can develop in a mental health app. You can develop apps for meditation, sleep, or therapy. Hence, in this healthcare app, a user must be able to book an online session with a therapist.

Must-have Features in Mental Health App:

  • Book a therapist, psychiatrist, or clinical psychologist
  • Private chat
  • Webinars on mental health
  • Soothing templates
  • Positive quotes feed
  • Online community

9. Diet Tracking App

The modern generation is fitness conscious. To clarify, they don’t like to compromise their health or body shape in any circumstance. Any fitness application in this category that helps them to remain in shape will do the trick.


However, the application must track daily intake of food, counts the calories consumption, and also suggest an exercise that will help patients reduce or maintain their weight on the basis of their physique.

Must-have Features for Diet Tracking App:

  • User profile
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Diet calendar
  • GPS tracking
  • Diet calendar
  • Weight monitoring
  • Calorie counter
  • Footsteps counter
  • Diet-plan suggestion

10. Medical calculator App

One of the evident issues for doctors and nurses working at a clinic is keeping a track of the medicine dosages, weights, and other tests. This healthcare app is the best fit for these issues. It works with a complex hidden formula that helps doctors deliver medical treatment.


A medical calculator app is useful in calculating pregnancy due dates, heart scores, weight, diet, etc.

Must-have Features of a Medical Calculator App:

  • Different algorithms for making smart decisions
  • Medical literature
  • Easy navigation
  • Medical study graphs
  • Different medical calculator categories
  • Medical study graphs
  • Medical calculator
  • Comparisons
  • Intuitive UI/UX


Why choose Webbybutter for your next healthcare?

Due to this long pandemic situation, people are addicted to getting things done at the place of their comfort, may it be grocery or healthcare services. People will choose the option of healthcare app or health care service for getting medical services.

So we just gave entrepreneurs a head start and some suggestions on the top 10 healthcare app ideas in 2022.


What is an App in Healthcare? Which are the best apps for healthcare professionals? 

From a technical perspective, an app in healthcare simply means a digital device that is used for medical care. However, in the medical sector APPs are also known as  Advanced practice providers. Here are some best apps for healthcare professionals: Medscape, Epocrates, Visual DX, Dock Health and etc.


What is mHealth? 

mHealth or Mobile health is a digital field in the healthcare sector that is expanding rapidly, as the number of mobile users in increasing rapidly. Generally, it focuses on collecting information on a patient in order to have a quick diagnosis of diseases, and also provides constant information for medical assessment digitally. In short, it’s a general term for mobile phones and other wireless technology in healthcare. mHealth system example: Remote-patient monitoring.


What is the mHealth portal? How is mHealth different from telehealth?

mHealth portal is basically a patient portal for your personal healthcare. There are plenty of healthcare apps that provide such portals. These personal healthcare apps allow a user to keep track of lab results, billing, prescriptions, and other things. This is similar to telehealth but, the only difference is that telehealth refers to all instances of healthcare via digital information and communication technologies, whereas mHealth presents the concept of mobile self-care. 


Which are some top healthcare companies around the world?

Here is a list of some of the top healthcare companies:

  • CVS Health Corp. (CVS) 
  • UnitedHealth Corp. (UNH)
  • McKesson Corp. (MCK)
  • AmerisourceBergen Corp. (ABC)
  • Cigna Corp. (CI) and etc…
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