Since the inception of smartphones, the demand for mobile applications has been increasing exponentially and so is the mobile app programming languages. So, choosing the best mobile app development programming language is a challenging task for developers.


Once you make the right choice for mobile programming language and build a business app, you step into the marketing stage.


So, here is a list of the 9 best programming languages that come in handy while the mobile app development process.


✤ JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the best cross-platform app developments. It functions smoothly in other environments, outside of browsers, and can also be compiled using many programming languages.


JavaScript Pros

  • Flexible and versatile language
  • Faster on the client-side browsing
  • No need for compilation
  • Easy to work and control
  • No specific standard and plenty of room for variation

JavaScript Cons

  • Vulnerable and exploitable for malicious purposes
  • While using JavaScript you may encounter browser compatibility issues
  • Server-side scripts provide the same output but the client-side is a little unpredictable


✤ C++

C++ is vintage but an outstanding choice for mobile app development. It is an OOP language with generic and low-level manipulation features.


C++ Pros 

  • Fast, stable and has tons of in-built libraries and compilers
  • Full control of language, and app built can run on any platform using any hardware
  • No garbage collection in the background

C++ Cons

  • Complex syntax
  • Most complex programming language to master
  • No dynamic memory allocation


✤ Kotlin  

Kotlin is known as an advanced version of JAVA. Kotlin speeds up programming in app development and is useful in developing modern android applications.


Kotlin Pros

  • Clean, concise, and perceptive syntax improves team efficiency
  • Can easily overrule the limitations of JAVA
  • Interoperable and versatile
  • Google support
  • Generates simple, compact, and cleaner code compared to JAVA


✤ C# 

Like C, C# is also an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language majorly useful in cross-platform mobile app development. Using C# you can achieve a high-performance interactive application.


C# Pros

  • Simple, developer-friendly, Fast, and Quick deployment
  • Generic, imperative, declarative, component-oriented, and object-oriented

C# Cons

  • Complex for beginners
  • Highly Case-sensitive language


✤ Python

Due to its impeccable library support, python is one of the best programming languages useful in app development. In addition, python is famous for its robust integration, and enhanced control capabilities.


Python Pros

  • Quick deployment, easy-to-use, Fast and excellent at readability
  • High-level programming language, useful in analyzing, computing scientific and numeric data
  • Interactive language
  • Develops scalable mobile apps and also supports GUI applications

Python Cons

  • Slow execution time
  • Less efficient with modern mobile app development
  • Limited data access



Java is an official android development – OOP language. Java has in-built open-source libraries that are easily accessible. Developers use JAVA to develop the best cross-platform apps.



  • Code reusability and portability
  • Codes can execute in multiple environments, virtual machines, browsers, and different platforms
  • Flexible, versatile, platform-independent, and portable
  • Excellent documentation and community support


  • Chances for bugs while executing JAVA in a virtual machine
  • Complex syntax
  • Poor garbage collection

✤ Objective-C

Objective-C is an extended version of the C language. It is a general-purpose Object-oriented programming language that is useful for macOS and iOS app development.


Objective-C Pros 

  • Simple to learn
  • Legacy codes used to include support the nest coding style

Objective-C Cons

  • No support for latest features
  • Requires extensive coding


✤ Swift 

Swift is an open-source programming language that is designed to work with platforms such as iOS, OS X, and tvOS. This programming language is flexible, scalable and easily adapts a safe programming pattern to add modern features to any app.


Swift Pros

  • Can run on Cocoa and Cocoa touch platforms
  • Projects are easily scalable
  • Avoids bugs of Objective-C and requires less maintenance
  • Powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-learn programming language
  • The syntax is expressive yet concise

Swift Cons

  • Quite young for development of heavy apps
  • Unstable language because requires regular updates


✤ SQL (Structured Query language)

 SQL is useful in communicating, assessing, and manipulating the standard database for most applications. It handles relational data models and offers integrity between data, data queries, and data manipulation.


SQL Pros 

  • Optimized for a large number of table rows
  • Supports different databases
  • Handles a large number of transactions in a single query
  • Speedy retrieving of data, search and querying of data from multiple tables
  • High availability and consistency of data

SQL Cons

  • Difficulty in interfacing, complex to adjust a few lines of Code in between
  • Predefined and inflexible data model
  • Vertically scalable and only executed on a single server. Hence, if the speed increases hardware upgrade is necessary
  • Lack of partition tolerance

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