The event planning business is a wide market in terms of opportunities and revenue generation. Being that, event management app development is a trending topic in the market. But, how do you start up an event planning business? How to make an event planning app? If these questions are bothering you don’t worry we will provide you with the information in this article.


What is Event Planning?

Event planning is basically the planning of design, structure, format, finances, marketing, and coordination of any given event. This planning needs to be done within a specified budget given by the concerned party. In general, these events cover,

  • Celebrations i.e. anniversaries, birthdays, fairs, etc.
  • Educational i.e. graduations, meetings, and conferences.
  • Promotional i.e. product launches, political rallies, fashion shows.
  • Commemorations i.e. memorials or civic events.

So, what are the relevant tasks in event planning? And, is building an event planning app a good idea for starting up the business? Here are the answers:


Relevant tasks in event management (planning) include:

  • Research 
  • Creating an event design
  • Finding a site
  • Food arrangement, décor, and entertainment
  • Sending invitations to attendees
  • Arrangement of any necessary accommodations
  • Planning of transportation
  • Coordinating activities of event personal
  • Supervising at the site
  • Conducting evaluations of the event

Hence, if you are looking to start up an event planning business you will have to consider the above-mentioned tasks and also think of building an event app for improving your business.


So, here is a business model you can follow before you start your journey in the event management business.


Business Model Of An Event Management Business

✦ Value proposition: Minimal investment and high-profit margin


✦ Target Consumers: Here, you can target entities such as government organizations, Business, and corporate organizations, Environment and art industry, Wedding and birthdays events


✦ Competitor review: Once you enter the event business you will compete with big event management companies. So, a thorough competitor analysis is only going to help your business sustain itself amongst the others.


✦ Market strategy: The marketing strategy plays a crucial role in any business. You can implement the following marketing strategies for your business- Certified planning experience, Social media promotion, Tie-ups with mass events, Google listings, etc.


Now, the question remains, what features should your event planning app have?

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Features of an Excellent Event Planning App

You have done the hard part by starting up an event planning business. So, to make your business standouts, include the following features in your app:


✦ Event Information 

This feature will guide your user (Attendee), through the different events and also provide complete details of the event. These details will include information such as routes, participating speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors.


✦ Booking a Seat

With this feature, a user is able to book his seat without any issues. Further, this feature also allows booking seats for upcoming events.


✦ Interactive Maps

Attendees can find directions to the event using the feature of the interactive map.


✦ Query Section 

In general, events tend to attract different queries. These queries might be regarding the event, location, ticket sales, or any other issue. Your event management app must have a query section to address such questions.


✦Real-Time Analytics

Analyzing the behavior patterns of your customers can provide you with an insight into their preferences. This further helps in improving your service as an event planner.


✦Live Streaming 

Your event app users should get an option to live stream. This is because at times they might miss out on attending the event on-site due to unavoidable circumstances.


✦ Alerts and Notifications 

Alerts will help users get the latest updates on the events. If he/she is your client your app must provide notifications regarding the progress. Additionally, the attendees should also get Alerts and notifications about event timings, location change, etc.


✦ Social Media 

Your attendees or clients must be able to share the content using your event app via their social media handles.


Best Event Planning Apps On Android and iOS

  • Planner Pro
  • Evernote
  • Asana
  • Google Task
  • Event planner
  • Bridestory
  • Event manager

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Best Event Management Companies Worldwide 

  • Bassett Events Inc. (Canada)
  • MKG (New York City, Los Angeles)
  • Colin Cowie (New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas)
  • David Tutera (Los Angeles)
  • A perfect Event (Chicago)

Hence, if you are looking for an Event Planning App Development Webbybutter is at your service. 

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