Angular vs React debate is at the core of the MEAN vs MERN Stack debate. While Angular has been enjoying its big share of success, React seems to be catching up and leading the charts now. This indicates that the MERN stack is enjoying higher popularity at this moment due to its association with React.


Here is a detailed comparison between the MEAN vs MERN stack:


Difference Between MEAN and MERN Stack: MEAN vs MERN

Point of Comparison



Type JavaScript Framework JavaScript Library
Language TypeScript JavaScript, JSX
Architecture Upgrading & managing the code Smooth UI rendering
DOM Regular Virtual
Learning Curve Medium Low
Data Flow Bidirectional Unidirectional
Productivity Better Low
Security High Medium
Scalability Medium High




The above table is just a gist of the comparison between MEAN vs MERN Stack. To get clarity in comparison between both technology stacks, let’s expand on some points of comparison:


Comparison Points: MEAN and MERN

✦ Learning Curve

The learning curve for MEAN stack and MERN stack differs because of Angular and React. Since React is based on JavaScript, developers can easily get along with the app development process using this front-end technology. On the other hand, Angular uses Typescript and it can pose some challenges while learning, so, the MEAN stack has a steep learning curve compared to the MERN stack.


✦Data Flow 

While handling a big project, React offers ease of unidirectional data flow. Angular provides bi-directional flow which allows a user to alter the UI and model state. Further, React’s unidirectional data binding provides developers with a better overview ideal for big projects.


So, for bigger and more complex projects MERN stack is a better option than the MEAN stack because it can provide quick response and dynamic app. In general, React is more suitable for CRUD applications rather than Enterprise level. But, if the project is relatively small, MEAN stack is surely the best option. In fact, the MEAN stack is also preferable in developing enterprise-level applications.


To conclude, project type and complexity will play important roles while choosing any of these two stacks.


✦ Productivity 

Angular is a complete framework that provides developers a more well-rounded development experience while using the MEAN stack. Often, React libraries involve third-party libraries that can add more strain and also chip away the designer productivity. Whereas Angular CLI makes it easier to redesign the code and further enhances the design productivity.


✦ Upgrading and Managing the code 

Since angular is a complete and well-organized framework, developers can easily upgrade their code and handle post-launch maintenance.


In addition, angular allows the separation of the database-related code from the UI-related code. On the other hand, react confers more efforts because of the involvement of third-party libraries. Hence, the MEAN stack makes managing and upgrading code easy.


✦Native Experience

MEAN brings in the ionic framework for developing hybrid mobile applications. Since a developer can use one codebase for both iOS and Android platforms, the development cost is less. However, the applications built using the MEAN approach don’t live up to the Native experience. But, using the MERN stack one can easily provide a near-native apps experience to the end-user.


✦ Testing

Testing is an important aspect from an app development perspective. Here, Angular holds strong grounds because; testing in Angular is easily done using a single testing tool such as jasmine. React on the other hand requires a combination of several tools, adding again to the developer’s exertion.


So, it seems that the MERN stack is leading in two factors i.e. learning curve and Native experience. MEAN stack comes out on top in factors such as upgrading code, productivity, and data flow.


What are the benefits of this comparison between MEAN and MERN stack?

The detailed comparison benefits a developer to choose the perfect technology stack for his next project. It also helps in understanding the layout of both the MEAN and MERN stack. Further, it gets clarity in the developer’s mind because he/she can choose the stack based on knowledge grasp as well. Lastly, with a thorough analysis of this comparison, one can make the decision to choose the technology stack matching the project requirements.


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