Today, designing and making a creative web app is not as easy as it seems. It requires creativity, innovation, effectiveness, robustness, user-friendliness, and other aspects to target a successful web app. So, implementing web app ideas can help in implementing a fine web app for achieving diverse goals.


What is a Web App?

A web App is an application software that operates on a browser. The application program is stored on remote servers and there is no need to install it like locally. Gmail is one of the best examples of how a Web application operates.  In general, there are 4 types of Web apps- Static, Dynamic, Portal, and eCommerce.


1. Static Web app – a type of web application made using HTML and CSS. These apps are read-only, meaning, users cannot interact with the elements. If you have to change the data you need to download the HTML and make changes and again upload to the server.


2. Dynamic Web app – is where you get the data in real time. This is done on the basis of user requests. For instance, when a user hits subscribe button on youtube the icon changes to ‘subscribed’.


3. Portal Web app- this is the application that combines important information from different sources into a  single UI.


4. eCommerce Web app- serves a commercial purpose and provides customers with the product or service directly. The basic features of the e-commerce web app contain the addition of new products, removal of outdated and old products, managing payments, boosting electronic payments, and much more.


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There are ample web app ideas to choose from, now that we have some information about web apps and their types, Here are some of the interesting ones you can consider for your next venture.


Top Web App Ideas to explore

1. CRM for Businesses/Startups


CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management software allows you to manage your relationship with the customer. CRM software helps all sorts of businesses, from small-scale to large-scale. You can work on the app which suits your niche and decide on key features.


2. Employee Orientation Software


Employee orientation indispensable process for each business. It is the chief experience of any new employee in any company.


Owing to a modest direction process, the HR of the organization cannot control certain important things such as providing necessary materials to the new employee or finding documents. Also, with the increasing culture of working from home, it becomes tough to carry out the orientations.


By making employee orientation software, the onboarding of an employee becomes easy and fast.


3. CEO Dashboard


With lots of data, structured and semi-structured open to organizations, it is crucial to analyze it and make the best usage of it. The dashboard-based web application is one of the most useful web app ideas as it offers the CEO and business owners an instinctive and precise view of the business details. They can have a peek at the necessary information and take decisions consequently.



This CEO dashboard app is correct, scalable, and improved with features like self-service business analytics, visual representation via graphs and charts, packed data in a single place, transparent view into every business activity at a single go, and monitoring of critical performance indicators and business health. It helps high-ranked officials in specifying the areas of progress, futuristic trends, and patterns for a better future.


4. Online Classroom app


Online learning is increasing and an e-learning app is one of the most trending web app ideas today. Because of the pandemic, most schools and educational organizations have had to shift online and facilitate e-learning.



Online learning has presented a simple, cost-effective, flexible, and easy way of education that can be governed with just an internet connection and a smart device.



These web apps deliver salient features such as recording or posting of live videos on specific subjects, selection of chosen courses, API integration, suitable marketing campaigns, and advertisements, easy connection between learners and instructors, online attendance via QR codes, notifications, and alerts for classroom status, saving on time and paperwork.


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5. Online Dating apps 


Digital initiatives have presented online dating a new boost and thus online dating web apps are a great idea that will go a long way in 2023. This is mainly because of the influence of social media platforms. Thus, using emerging technologies, online dating apps can deliver great features and support. It provides users to look for their chosen match through diverse mediums.


6. Payment web app


With the increasing eCommerce trends, online payment gateways are the pristine future and thus having payment gateway web apps is definitely a great web app idea. As a technology utilized by business owners for bearing credit/debit cards, electronic checks, or other payment types, these apps contain payment portals that are functional in online stores. Business owners can include personalized payment gateway into their website or app.


7. Virtual Hosting/Meeting web app 


The idea for a virtual event-hosting web app is also getting stronger daily as remote working. The call for virtual meetings, conferences, and similar corporate gatherings has led to the undertaking of virtual event-hosting web apps. These apps are capable to stick to altering needs established on the nature of the business and other parameters. The virtual events turn out to be more compelling, and fruitful as the apps transform the digital space into a vibrant, interactive session.


8. Crime Alerting Web app


Crime is a sensitive area to tap into but by using the crime alert web application, one can make possible efforts to trace it as quickly as possible. This type of web app can be similar to an open social network app. But here, rather than posting social updates, the users can report the crimes happening in their area. This helps people in the neighborhood be more cautious.


9. Event Planning app 


Event management is a highly active domain now with everyone engaged in celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate takeoffs, baby showers, and so on.


Web apps in correlation to events can be of significant help for users to reach out to many event planners and work out the most suitable deal with them. It presents a list of event managers who can play a relevant role in arranging your function. These apps should be based on intent, target audience, event scale, and implementation strategy. They have the competence to handle distributed audiences through a suitable platform, simple event registration and check-in, customer reviews, event customization, monitoring event activities, and remaining in sync with the event managers.


10. Stock market app 


Analysts, brokers, and small broking firms are operating small communities of stock market investors. On Whatsapp, Telegram, and in some cases, a more robust and organized online community on reliable platforms.


Investors prefer to be part of such niche communities for a cause. They even pay access fees to be a part of the inner circle and sometimes become clients of these analysts and brokers. You can leverage this web app idea and build one app that facilitates trading and investment features.


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Final Remarks on Web app Ideas

Remaining competitive with an exclusive idea when there is already high competition in the field is tough. Also, it is tough to search the new web app ideas when the online medium has sufficient ideas. Still, finding suitable web app ideas is not impossible. You can easily find one and start working on it. If you are looking to explore the prospects of your web app ideas contact us.


✦ How to come up with web app ideas? 


May seem old school but discussing ideas and sharing thoughts with a group of people who share a similar vision is the best way to come up with a web app idea. In general, this activity is referred to as Brainstorming.


✦ What are some good web app ideas?


eCommerce web app, Resume Builder, portfolio maker,  Real-Estate listing Portal, etc. are some good web app ideas you can work on.

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