Are you on a quest to find a suitable job for you but having a tough time cracking the Job interviews? If your answer is yes, we feel you!  You have found the right page for help with the best interview tips. 


The Job Interview is a big event, not only for you but for us as well. You should have found us by either expanding your search or minimizing it while searching for a job. We at Webbybutter Technologies look for people who can catch up with our work ethics and have proactive nature. These personality traits are spine amongst various other parameters. 


To assess your personality we arrange a small meeting with our working team and analyze if you match any of the traits, similar or different. 


The bandwidth is established based on your Resume, but this meeting acts as an input and reflects your personality.


A resume is the tip of the iceberg, the interview determines if you and the company are on the same page or say have a similar thought process.


You may be wondering, How to prepare yourself for an interview?  We read your mind; to help you with your interview crusade here are the top 15 tips for cracking a job interview.



1.  Research about the industry and the company

You have skills, you know what you will do if you get hired, but if you don’t have enough information about the industry or company. This can backfire in the interview.


So the least we expect is an effort. The efforts of you looking into our organization before you meet us. This establishes a virtual trust and the flow of interviews remains intact. 


2. Clarification: Reasons for you wanting the job and “key points”

Whatever meeting you are going to attend you must have four to five key points in your priority index like,

  • Why you are the perfect candidate for the job?
  • How did you manage any tricky situation in your previous organization? If not how would you deal with certain situations if they pose a challenge?


Keep in mind you don’t need to stretch your stories of previous work history, we are just interested in knowing your abilities in specific.


To Ace, your job interview here is a basic method you can approach.


STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result). This method involves questions that have openings like: Have you ever appeared for an interview before?


This indicates that you have to tell your story in these questions.


Lets breakdown the STAR structure,




This approach will definitely give your answers a rhythm and help us understand the actual life situation you went through.


3. Be Yourself

Everyone will give you advice while you start your journey as a professional. You will feel great when you start but the advice you take will cover their experience and perspective.


We look for individuals who will be the real portrayal of themselves. Inspiration is good but it shouldn’t turn you into something that you are not. At times we are interested in the details apart from your Resume.


4. Show your worth

Proving your worth is challenging, and your insights for your future will help us in knowing your vision and focus. You must not feel bound by any protocol. We look for your spontaneity and fearlessness, regardless of your knowledge regarding the business.


Does the Individual have the desire to learn? 


Does he/she have the ambition to move forward? 


Does the individual have the ability to step up and take up the responsibilities by themselves?


These are the key points we use for assessing and extracting your best self for moving forward in your career.


5. Be transparent and open 

There is no checklist for the response, free feel while responding to questions.     Do not over-think the possibility of a response being “unacceptable”.


Everybody has different capacities and saturation points. We are interested in the one unique ability which separates you from others. So it’s not mandatory for you to answer every question with utmost acceptability. 


If your personality matches our perception we seal the deal. All that is important is you are in a clear headspace before you come to meet us.




6. Anticipate and improvise 

The Interviewer also has certain reservations and concerns. The reason behind that is the pool of candidates. He/she has to examine the individual according to Resumes /CV’s and, create a rough profile before an interview.


The most common practice in Resume building is mentioning tons of skillset. This can haunt you back. Why? The answer is in the details, you might not convince the interviewer regarding a few skills if asked during the interview. This can be tackled with instant improvisation but we recommend that you anticipate this situation and tackle it while building your Resume.


The preplanned response you prepared might hit a blow if the questions are different from what you expect. Here we would like to see how you improvise and handle the questionnaire. 


7. Have your questions sorted by the interviewer 

At times the interview is successful but feels incomplete. You think you have managed to get it done but the interviewer feels incomplete without you mentioning your queries or concerns regarding the position or organization. 


This might be a reason why sometimes even with a strong profile you end up not getting a final call back. It is assumed that you haven’t properly researched the organization and are not serious about joining.


Here are some questions you can ask,

  • What is the detailed specification for the job role?
  • How does the organization plan for future roadmaps?
  • Can you elaborate on the structure of your organization?


8. Be confident and Take Responsibility for the interview

Often candidates make the mistake of assuming that they have covered every required detail in their resume. But sometimes in an interview if the questions are different or not what you expected you freeze. So no matter how good you are we won’t get to know you.


The interview process can resemble a tennis game. The ball being the question needs to be smashed with the racket of your confidence when it lands in your court. If you just stand in the game,we won’t get your response and we won’t be able to find out impressive details about your academia or work.


There is a trick to become confident: Use your mirror! Yes, ask yourself questions answer them. This will become a self-assessed mock interview and subconsciously train your mind in creating responses for the actual interview.


9.  Positive mindset

The mindset needs to be positive once you are in the interview. You may point out your previous work experience it can be negative or positive. But we are more interested in your mindset towards both situations.


Keep the negatives Minimal. Say we ask you, what is the reason behind you leaving your previous organization? We don’t want the exact specifics or negatives, we seek just the response and check if you answer the question or not.


Try to be positive and reflect it with your mindset, this will make the switch easier for you and us.


10. Remember to tag along with important things

This may seem a bit old school but, it’s good to have a check box for the things you might need for your interview. It’s a simple step but often you might forget to pick up things right before the interview under two circumstances:

  • No.1 : you are super excited
  • No.2 : you are super stressed

This should be your priority before attending the interview because there are a bunch of other candidates who might have applied as well.


Here is the list of things that you need to consider:

  • Reference list 
  • Multiple resume copies
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Portfolio of previous work
  • Notebook and stationary 




11. Feel good 

When you are coming to us it’s possible that you had interaction with previous employees. They might have given you their feedback on how they felt at the organization and especially in the interview.


This is a great deal for us and gives us an idea of how you’ll blend in with the company culture. To make you feel confident about the night before the interview here are some tips for consideration:

  • Time management: plan your schedule
  • Choose the outfit for the day
  • Be proactive 
  • Have authentic and truthful answers
  • Give your best first impression
  • Process your answers 

12. Be prepared for “behavior-oriented” interviews

The behavior portrayal of every individual varies. To have an idea of how you behave we may ask you about a certain situation that triggers your autonomous behavioral response.


The question framed will go like this: Tell me how you managed to sort out a peer conflict in your previous organization?


There are two possibilities: 

First :

You will have a great answer to the question. The reason is the work you did at your previous organization. You will immediately share your fruitful experience which will reflect your behavior as well.


Second :

Your traumatic memory with the previous organization will get triggered. You may flip out mentally and your body language shifts while addressing that experience.


There are other psychological tricks but these two possibilities must give you an idea of how thorough an interviewer can be. Remember,the second possibility is not a criterion for your job qualification, it is for checking your emotional quotient.


13. Understand our ethics

Ethics define one’s nature. We work as a team, stick to our commitments, practice team-building exercises. If you have the same enthusiastic nature and treat our team as your family it’s a done deal.


14. Nonverbal communication 

Non-verbal communication is an integral part of your assessment. Here we observe your body postures, hand gestures and analyze the psychological prospect behind them. 


Here are some gestures and movements we analyze:

  • Cross legs
  • Constant leg tapping 
  • Crossed arms


The manner in which you approach the seat also conveys a lot, and from that point of time till you finish the interview we look for these gestures and look for any red flags.


15. Keep pushing! 

Your path is not easy, we know. If you ever had an awful job interview experience that you thought went great or was perfect for your skillets but couldn’t make it through, don’t quit! Hang in there. It happens a lot. Here is what you can do:


Share your views on such an experience and consider telling us if you thought there was a misinterpretation. 


There is a possibility that you were not able to clearly convey your reasons for the job being perfect for you. An explanatory email highlighting those reasons and what you can bring to the table if you would have a chance to contribute will be a decent gesture from your side.


Make us believe you are the one! 



So we covered the tips that will change your approach in front of the interviewer and help you become a subtle candidate. Skills relating to the job are important but even the brightest candidates fail interviews due to a lack of preparation on soft skills. So working on all the above-mentioned tips is equally important. 


If you believe in accomplishing your professional milestones in the goals of the Company, Webbybutter can be your professional platform – where talents are hand-picked and nurtured to deliver their best. We believe in creating leaders rather than followers. JOIN US if you are looking for a rewarding and productive career filled with growth opportunities across industries and technologies.

Webbybutter is an equal opportunity employer. We do not head-hunt to fill positions but are looking for PEOPLE who can be partners in success. We hire the best talent in business for our world-class product development and delivery services.

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