Application Software or simply say an app has become an integral part of our daily routine. We all use different types of application software such as Gmail, Microsoft word, Facebook, YouTube, etc. to meet both personal and professional needs.


So this blog will highlight answers to queries like ‘what is application software?’ and ‘what are different types of application software?’


What is an Application Software? Application Software Definition

Application Software is a computer program that executes a specific function. These functions are either educational, personal, or business-oriented.


Application software is built to assist the end-users with a proper development process. This process may relate to creativity, productivity, or better communication. Further, it also helps a user finish up tasks such as taking down notes, completing online research, setting up an alarm, or even playing games.


In general Application software programs are precise in their functionality. They carry out tasks they are built for. For example, a browser is an application that is useful for browsing the internet. Similarly, MS word is an application that is designed to create various documents. In fact, all the apps on our mobile phones are examples of application software.

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Different types of Application Software Useful in Business

Finding the right application software solution for improving your business is hard. So, to improve the business you need to understand different types of application software. This will help you save time, money, and resources.


Some application software examples:

  • Word processors
  • Web browsers
  • Graphics software
  • Database software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Presentation software and more.

The list of different types of application software is bigger than this. Hence, in this blog, we have tried to cover some important types of application software.

Types of Application Software 

✦ Presentation Software

Presentation software allows a user to portray his thoughts and ideas with visual clarity. The information is visual and in the form of slides.


Further, anyone can make the slide more informative and appealing by adding images, texts, graphs, and videos.


The presentation software has three components:

  • Text editor to input and format text
  • Insert graphics text, video, and multimedia file
  • Slideshow to display information

✦ Spreadsheet software

A spreadsheet is a type of application software that is useful to perform different calculations. Here, the data is stored in tabular format.


The intersecting areas in a spreadsheet are known as cells. These cells are separated to define fields such as text, date, time, and number.


Further, in these cells, the software allows a user to perform calculations using formulas and functions. Microsoft excel is the best example of such application software.

✦ Multimedia software 

Multimedia application software comes in handy for creating or recording images. The software also allows the creation of audio or video files.


The multimedia software is extensively useful in animation, graphics, image, and video editing. VLC and Windows media players are the two popular examples.

✦ Education Software

This type of application software is also known as an academic software. This academic software is specifically made to facilitate e-learning for various subjects. There is a big list of applications covered in this category. JumpStart, Mindplay, Moodle, and Kid Pix are examples of such application software.

✦ Web browsers

Web browsers are the application software that provides easy surfing of the internet. They are useful in locating and retrieving data across the web.

Some of the popular web browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.

✦ Graphics Software

Graphics application software allows a user to modify visual data or images. Further, it also has room for picture editing and illustration. Adobe Photoshop and PaintShop Pro are the best examples of graphics software.

✦ Database Software 

Database application software is useful for effective data management. They are also known as DBMS i.e. Database Management System. So, when you use an application, the data is retrieved from the database, modified, and then stored back in the database.


Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and PostgreSQL are some well-known databases.

✦ Word Processing Software

This type of application software comes in handy for the manipulation and formatting of text. Further, the software is also useful in making the text more appealing. It provides tons of features such as synonyms, antonyms, and thesaurus.


Changes in font color, effect, style are some exciting features of Word processing software. In addition, the word processor also allows Grammar and spell check options.


Common examples of word processing software include Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Apaches Open Office.

✦ Simulation Software

Simulation Software Applications are generally useful in the visualization of real-life scenarios using mathematical calculations, 3-D graphics, and algorithms. The Simulation software is taps domains like military engineering, practical education in industries, machinery testing, educational training, games, etc.


Best applications of simulation software are found in fields of robotics, Medical (surgery-prep), weather forecasts, etc. Emerging technologies such as AR and VR are used for developing software applications that support simulations.

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Classification of Types of Software Applications 

Application software is also classified based on its shareability and availability. Here are the 4 categories:

✦ Open-source Softwares 

This type of application software is available online with the source code that allows modification in the software. You can also add additional features to the software.


These applications could either be paid or free. Apache-web Server and Moodle are examples of such Open-source application software.

✦ Closed source

Majority of the application software packages you use belong to the closed source category. These packages are usually paid and have intellectual property rights or patents.


Examples:  Microsoft Windows, Adobe Flash Player, WinRAR, mac OS, etc.

✦ Freeware 

“Freeware” the name itself indicates it’s free of cost. You can download freeware application software from the internet without paying any fee.


But, users cannot modify freeware software or charge a fee for its distribution.  Adobe PDF, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome are good examples of this type of application.

✦ Shareware

Shareware application software comes with a free distribution on a trial basis i.e. a limited-time offer. Users have to pay once the trial period expires. 


Shareware application software examples include WinZip, SnapTouch, and Adobe Acrobat.


List of Best Business application software 

Business application software classification is based on specific business requirements. They are developed and designed to meet certain business functions.


In addition, business application software improves the business accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of operations. In short, the endgame is to boost the productivity and profitability of a business.

✦ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Application Software 

Enterprise Software (ERP) to connect multiple departments and remote offices via a single dashboard.


Enterprise application software covers accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance, manufacturing, supply chain operations, and so on.


Many businesses find it difficult to cope with a multitude of business processes leading to incongruent information and workflow.


Further Enterprise software helps companies plan budget, predict, and report on financial results by acting as a single repository for information.

Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle e-business Suite, etc. are some examples of ERP software.

✦ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Application Software

CRM is a type of application software that assists businesses/ organizations to monitor their customer interaction smartly.


The seamless experience in CRM applications improves the relationship with customers. This is because of its vital insights and data analysis on sales and customer interaction.


CRM also helps coordinate customer information available across different channels and touchpoints.


Salesforce Sales Cloud, NetSuite CRM, Zoho CRM, etc. are examples of popular CRM application software.

✦ Project Management Application Software 

Project management software has the capability to help, manage, and organize resource tools along with developing resource estimates.


This type of application software is flexible and versatile. It helps project managers, stakeholders, and users regulate expenses and handle budgets.


Further, Project Management Application software provides quality management and documentation. It can also serve as an administration system. In fact, it can act as a smart channel that enables collaboration and communication between project stakeholders.  

✦ Business Process Management (BPM) Application Software

Business Process Management (BPM) software is designed to facilitate a methodical style to optimize business processes. BPM models define, automate, and describe the workflow process with the intention of business optimization.


Example of BPM Application software: Zoho Creator, Kissflow, Nintex, Process maker.

 ✦ Productivity Software

Productivity Software is a tool that helps a user accomplish different tasks in a simple and productive manner. They provide a smart way for users to produce documents, databases, worksheets, graphs, and presentations.


In short word processors, spreadsheets, data management, and presentation software are productivity software.

✦ Resource Management Application Software

This type of application software easily assigns people to projects. It also handles the management of multiple projects and resources.


Additionally, Resource management application ensures that everything is distributed smartly in real-time. Mavelink, Forecast, etc. are some of the well-known resource management application software.

✦ Time Management Application Software

Time Management software helps human resources to manage their time efficiently. As a result, there is a noticeable improvement in business productivity.


Further, it also helps in tracking the usage of digital systems. This gives an estimate of how many hours a user spends working in certain system software.


To conclude, these tools help your team stay more organized and competent by getting things done. For example- Avaza, ClickTime, Desktime, EmpMonitor, etc. are some examples.

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Benefits of application software in business

Nowadays, businesses are emphasizing custom application software, but why? Here are the benefits that will justify why:

✦ Customer Service and Satisfaction

Custom application software helps customers easily navigate your business services. This improves sales and also boosts the business.

Also, integrating an intelligent CRM with your custom app will provide you with valuable information on customer feedback. You can use this feedback for improving your query responses quickly and efficiently.

✦ Enhanced Data Security 

Every business aims for a robust data security system. Webbybutter helps those businesses to achieve this aim.

We are capable enough to integrate an enhanced security system into your existing systems securely. This new security system will stay within your firewall. You can have complete access to it.

✦ Flexibility 

In general, as your business grows, your business process increases, and the number of application software integrated with the system also increases. Hence, a Custom application software development and integration will help you collect data from multiple sources and prepare reports the way you require.

✦ Productivity 

Application Software helps in automation. It automates workflow in an organization. Hence, employees save tons of time and that increases work productivity.

✦ Decision Making

Custom business application software matches business requirements. So, it provides the reliable and latest information. This improves the decision-making process.


Further, using custom application software you can analyze your past decision, and performances and also forecast future business trends.


Develop Your Next Application Software with Webbybutter!

Think of your business as a cake. Application software is basically the frosting on top of it. So, let our software application developers do the frosting i.e. build the application software for your business.


With this, we end this blog! We hope that Webbbybutter gave you a clear picture of- what is application software? How many types of application software are there? What are the benefits of software applications in business? Etc.


Still, if you feel like knowing more about software application development, call us!


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