The on-demand service app development is taking over the large shares of the traditional market. People’s demand and their inclination towards the latest trends seek the customization of traditional apps. In fact, many businesses claim that the customization of apps, from traditional informational apps to on-demand service providing apps,  is helping the business to generate healthy revenue.


These days people want comfort and ease to get service delivered to them at their convenience. On-demand service apps are a rescue to those who can’t afford to spend hours in the queue of supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, salons, etc. According to, U.S. consumers are spending $57.6 billion in the on-demand economy to cater to 22.4 million users annually.




On-demand business prioritizes their customers. The philosophy is simple if the customers are getting benefits then the business enjoys the benefits as well. So, the main focus of any on-demand app is the users’ convenience and comfort. This is the right time to dive deep into the on-demand business, got an idea? Get in touch.


How to build a successful on-demand service mobile app?

The on-demand service apps are different. They demand a high level of expertise for achieving the desired accuracy. So you need to follow some basic distinct principles while you think of developing the on-demand service mobile app.




  1. Choose a niche 

Realm of on-demand services is still open for exploration. Don’t be one-dimensional, keep your options open for different areas to target.  Following other companies that have seen a fair amount of success in the on-demand service domain may just reduce your chances of getting your niche success. 


Your niche must be filled with a product that people will love but also make their lives better. The end product should be reliable from the customer’s perspective.


  1. Start at the local level

Before you commit to the business make sure you explore every plausible scenario. Once you do that don’t rush, start small, and think big. Operating locally will give you the advantage to fix issues quickly if things go sideways. This will also help you get your resources within your budget.


  1. Define your target audience 

While you are chasing your ambition, it is important to know which group of people will benefit from your services. The audience must be convinced that the on-demand service mobile app will solve their problems. This can be done by regular demonstration of your on-demand service. Always keep the user’s perspective in mind while developing the product.


  1. Pricing strategy 

Finding the right pricing strategy is a top priority for any business. In many on-demand service apps provider sets the pricing, while in a traditional on-demand marketplace, sellers define their own price and then can only charge a service fee.


  1. Functionalities of on-demand mobile app

You are right when you say that functionalities in each on-demand mobile app will be different. For Instance, the functionality in the beauty-on-demand app and the doctor-on-demand app will be different. Still to get you a basic idea here are some basic features you must consider before you kick start your journey of on-demand mobile app development.

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On-Demand Service App – Benefits for Business

On-Demand app development brings numerous benefits to the business. Let’s look at them individually.


Types of On-Demand Service App

Remember the key part of the On-demand industry is to know what customer wants. This makes it easy to classify the appropriate model from a business perspective.


Customers and clients of a business can access the following models:

 B2B: Business to Business 

 B2C: Business to Customer    

 C2C:  Customer to Customer 


However, the services or products that are delivered within the on demand service business model framework also vary considerably, because no matter what model you use B2B, B2C, or C2C the receiving side will only appreciate the model only if it makes their life better and also saves time.


In short, the cluster of models together possibly provides the group of online marketplace apps.


What is an online marketplace?

An online marketplace is an on-demand platform where the product or service is made available by third parties. On-demand marketplaces also come with a bunch of whole other subcategories. These categories are:

  • Consumer goods
  • Crowd-funding
  • Education
  • Recruiting
  • Delivery
  • Food
  • Transportation


Let’s get into the specifics of these categories.



Categories of the On-Demand service apps

✠ Transportation: On-Demand taxi and On-Demand logistics

The on-demand transit isn’t new in the market. People are now using the services of various transport-based startup companies such as Uber, OLA, etc.


However, technology has constantly evolved in on-demand transportation services. Here, people can easily access different services as they come by.


Further, the global on-demand transportation services market also has different segments. These segments include differentiation of on-demand services in transportation by type, vehicle type, and business model. Hence, we can surely single out applications for goods transportation and passenger transportation.


Also, when it comes to discussion of on-demand economy passenger ride-hailing services like Uber & Lyft are the frontrunners. These on-demand businesses compete with traditional taxi company services making them rethink their strategies to improve customer service. With on-demand taxi services, people are able to order a ride at any time and from anywhere.


Reasons why on-demand taxi services companies stand out:

  • Bigger fleet size
  • Better reach
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Investment


Logistics on-demand application is considered a highly controversial sector.  The two leaders of this domain UberRUSH and Shyp both closed up the services. The on-demand logistics niche has many drawbacks. So it’s no surprise that startups feel uncertain about operating in this market segment.


✠ On-Demand Food and Grocery delivery 

The ongoing trend of on-demand food and grocery delivery application proves the point that the on-demand delivery model is here to stay and establish itself in the market. The trend was at its peak during the pandemic.


The food and grocery delivery system is certainly one of the most popular on-demand service categories if not the best. There was a substantial amount of growth during the pandemic, according to Statista there were many grocery app downloads in the US in 2020.


Applications like UberEats, GrubHub, Instacart, and Glovo show us that customers now prefer on-demand delivery services to get food and groceries without leaving their houses. This also suggests that this on-demand service is going to remain popular amongst the customers.


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✠ On-Demand Health care and Telemedicine 

You live in a remote location, whether you can find the time to see a doctor or not, on-demand service apps are at your service. During the pandemic, many people took the benefits of the on-demand healthcare services through various platforms.


The on-demand telemedicine industry is quickly expanding and also adopting emerging technologies to ensure the quality of the products.  Telemedicine apps are known as doctor on-demand applications, so the goal is to provide medical consultation from top medical professionals.


The on-demand telemedicine appointments apps like Zocdoc and LiveHealth online helps users to find top specialists by checking their ratings, reviews, expertise, specialization, certification, etc.  Appointments can be scheduled and the patient is consulted via a video call.


These apps also come in handy for:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Collecting health data
  • Requesting doctor visit
  • Wireless testing
  • Prescription monitoring and more…

✠ On-Demand Fitness Apps 

Fitness is an important regime for a healthy lifestyle. Fitness apps go beyond their limits to provide you with a personalized on-demand fitness experience. 


The on-demand model is genuinely changing the Fitness industry. Nowadays you have a virtual personalized trainer right in the palm of your hands. The on-demand fitness app helps customers to get both online and onsite training from a fitness expert of their choice. 

✠ On-Demand Beauty 

Mobile beauty apps are also offering on-demand beauty services to clients. Obviously, it was possible to book a beautician for personal care at home but now with on-demand service, it’s on a whole new level.


Beauty on-demand has the potential to become a successful investment. Beautystack and BeYou are couple of on-demand beauty service applications for booking stylists.


✠ On-Demand Entertainment 

One of the booming trends is Entertainment on-demand.  Streaming giants like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon provide on-demand streaming services to their users while changing the preference of watching TV shows, series, documentaries, and movies according to user feedback. 


But, success is fragile when it comes to video on-demand service. The reason behind it is the fierce competition. Not every video streaming services succeed.


✠ On-Demand Home services 

On-demand home services are predicted to grow over 1.5 billion USD by 2024. On-demand home service apps allow users to access a large list of registered professionals for taking care of their houses, children, or pets.


The increasing demand for these services has given an opportunity to companies to focus on On-demand home services app development. There are different ways to assist in this domain; one of them is hiring an independent organization that further hires workers suitable for jobs.




Basic Features of an On-Demand Mobile App 

✧ Authentication and security

Presently, not only an on-demand mobile app but any application is incomplete without these two features. This is because the money is involved. The on-demand mobile app must have a safe payment gateway for secure transactions. The more secure the gateway, the more the client will trust your on-demand service mobile app.


✧ Live Tracking

As we understood earlier, customers love real-time tracking. There is a sense of satisfaction and relief in customers’ minds when he/she can track the product through GPS in your on-demand service app.


✧ Multiple Payment Options

Although online payment is popular customers sometimes prefer alternative payment options for particular products. So make sure you cover maximum payment options in your on-demand mobile app for customer satisfaction. Ex: COD ( cash on delivery ) ,  UPI , GPAY etc.


✧ Simple Interface

Interface impacts the subconscious mind of any user if they find the data and instructions dispersed on the application it will immediately create a perception of laziness in the development of the app and uninstall it. So keeping the interface simple will help them easily navigate through items, lists, and other features creating a proper impression.


✧ The Wishlist Feature 

Customers do not always buy things instantly, they scout their wishlist they have written down somewhere. So adding a wishlist feature to your on-demand mobile application will help your customer save their choices and make them come later to purchase those items.   


✧ Rating and Reviews

Customers feel important when your app will ask them to give feedback because they will know that their opinion on your services matters. They give ratings and reviews for getting better on-demand services through your application. 


The surge in the demand for on-demand mobile apps for Android and iOS has only kept increasing. So hiring an on-demand app development company to get the best possible service will be a wise choice.


✧ Flexibility & Dynamic nature of On-demand Apps

Businessman works every single day in order to keep the business on right track. The workload is massive. So an application will simplify that workload. How? Firstly, it reduces a ton of paperwork not only for the businessman but also the staff.


Secondly, consider a scenario of a hotel business. During the prime hours, there is an immense rush, and customers keep piling up. Some of them are waiting for the table and some are waiting to book their rooms. So it’s a nightmare situation if they manually try the data entry in their records.


Thus, an on-demand app will automate the system and handle this constraint effectively.


✧ On-Demand Service apps are cost-effective

Developing an application through a traditional application development process can be very costly. Developing an on-demand app will cover the primary demand of the user and will be cheap compared to developing a fully functional app.


✧ Future Scope of scalability in On-demand Apps

The on-demand app has scope for future enhancement. For Instance, you launch an on-demand delivery app that will serve basic customer needs. There are no limitations to the enhancement you can add more features to the app after deployment and make it an on-demand online marketplace.


✧ Highly Secure On-Demand Service Apps

The consumer information such as name, wishlist, products added to the cart, price filters, etc. collectively are known as data. Since a company owns the app, the on-demand app developers can create and maintain a private cloud to keep the consumer details safe and secured.


✧ Potential Business Growth via On-demand Apps

An on-demand app also allows the business concept and its services to expand its reach. You can always expect a healthy conversion rate of about 30% which indeed is great from a business perspective. 


✧ On-demand apps allow User (consumer) feedback

Users often leave negative feedback on the services which may or may not be rude but certainly create tension between two parties.  Thus, giving feedback anonymously can help eliminate grudges between the services seekers and service providers.

User Benefits of the On-Demand App Development 

Customers are happy when the in-store service is excellent. But what customers adore more is the availability of online services. Yes, you read that right. Nowadays everyone wants to have on-demand customer services i.e. instant service through the on-demand mobile apps sitting in the comfort of their home. The best example will be Amazon.




Here are some benefits that on-demand apps offer to the customers


✧ Easy Ordering Procedure 

The mobile applications are comfortable and also a great tool for self-learning purposes. The users simply scroll and swipe through the interface for understanding the app’s features and functions.


So users find it easy to use the application for placing their order or appointments etc.


✧ Real-Time Tracking of Orders 

Once you order something on applications like Amazon or Flipkart. You get the feature where you can keep real-time track of your orders. This feature saves time for both parties irrespective of what happens to the order during the course of delivery action.


✧ Single click Order Cancellation

Often customers come across a situation where they literally regret placing their orders. After all, we are unpredictable creatures. So cancellation feature came as a blessing to customers who felt like not buying the product.


✧ Flexible & Glitch –free Payment Gateway 

Thanks to technology we are able to carry out various payment transactions within fractions of a second. Here neither the user nor the business owner has to go to the store for receiving the payment.


The payment gateway on-demand mobile app is safe and secure.


✧ Interest-free Installments

The cost of service through on-demand applications varies according to different products.


Many services and products cost more therefore a user need to choose to make the payment in installments. Also, interest-free offers lure customers to buy heavy price products.


✧ Deactivation of Push Notification 

Push notifications are the source of alerts for users but sometimes they can be annoying. The on-demand applications allow users to deactivate the push notification features.


On-Demand Service Apps – Final showdown!

For the past 8 years, Webbybutter is helping clients take the leap with an on-demand service app and explore the opportunities it presents in the market. The rise of different on-demand service mobile apps has certainly pushed companies over the edge but that’s what healthy competition does.  


On-Demand Service App -FAQs

What is the best solution for building an on-demand service app?

✧ The best approach will be consulting an experienced on-demand app development company.  


How will on-demand app development impact the future?

✧ Mobile applications have been around for decades and on-demand app development with the combination of different emerging technologies is only going to bring more advancement in the technology.


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