Are You A Local Business Owner?

We know that running a local business can be challenging, so We

  • Making it 'easier to find' in the search engine
  • Engaging more potential customers
  • Advertising to the right audience

The OLD way

Expensive & Time Consuming:

In conventional way, you have to go step-by-step, get your website made, piece together different apps, update them individually and pray they will continue to work well together


The BUTTER way

Economical and Quicker:

Everything you need in one easy-to-use platform that works swiftly so that you can focus on your business

Create website


Create a business website in minutes

Chat with our chat-bot for a brief tour to the website making in a non-technical approach that makes the process easily understandable even for a non-technical person; providing few basic details about the business, like- name, address, contact details, email ID and desired URL.

XXX app

 Growth APP

Update with App and get organic traffic

The website is to be updated regularly with relevant services such as improvised products, new launches, current offers or discounts and other news from time to time that fetches the organic traffic and subsequently hikes the Google ranking of the website.



Market Your Business

Reach more and appropriate customers and grow your sales with powerful marketing tools- comprehensive website, built-in SEO management, intelligent suggestions, SMS and Email services for the customer. And a quicker response is always preferred for better sale, sometimes straight from the catalogue of your website

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 We can help

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Enjoy 24*7 access to the WebbyButter and work with the experts to bring the larger success to your small or medium business making it BIG. SUPPORT - WEB DESIGNERS - MARKETING SPECIALISTS .

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