What is AngularJs ?


AngularJs is an open-source framework developed and maintained by Google. It is used to create robust and versatile web apps especially single-page web app as per the business requirements. AngularJs enhances the features of HTML to create a very lucrative and dynamic user interface for websites and Apps. As a booster of HTML, major traction is given to AngularJS. The popularity of Angular Js has increased from time to time since its arrival as an open-source platform. The reason for its popularity is that it is a framework with many great features and proper architecture required for developing web applications.



Features Of AngularJs

MVC Architecture: Simplified structure involving Model, View, controller with respective functionalities.


Scope: A bond between controller and view.


Data Binding: A two-way data binding feature performing synchronization of data in the MVC architecture.


Directives: Inbuilt markers of a DOM element (attribute, name, comment, or CSS)

Ex: ng-bind, ng-app,etc. Directives are used for building custom tags as per the developer’s requirements.


Filters: Format the value of an expression for display. It is also preferable to make your own filter.


Controllers: To provide useful scope or context. Angular Js connects Document object model values to model the data using a controller in a two-way manner.


Dependency Injection: Provide with different dependencies. Allows separating of the process of creation. Mock objects can be added for testing through dependency.


Services: Inbuilt and added as a dependency in AngularJs. The dependency injection subsystems take care of the rest.


Routing: Switching of views.

Top Uses Of AngularJs

  • Travel applications.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Mobile Commerce.
  • Weather Application.
  • Video Streaming Platform.
  • User-Generated Content Portals.
  • User Review Application.
  • Social Media Applications.


Benefit Of Angularjs

  • Google support

The support provided by Google to angular Js is impeccable. It has a specific dedicated community to address the queries of developers and be their guiding system.

  • Flexible

Different filters used in AngularJs such as Currency, JSON, Order by, etc. allow extraction of data before entering the view. This also helps in proper formatting.

  • Maintainability

Program code written in Angular Js is easy to maintain because of Typescript.

  • Quick development for small apps

Angular JS takes less time to develop small-scale applications. It is also used for developing big applications.

  • Testing

Angular provides testing of modules separate from the rest of the application.

Unit testing: For testing individual units of a written program.

Additional tools: Karma and Jasmine.

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Different Versions of Angular JS


Angular 2 ( September 2016)


Released after the first version, Built-in with the concept of the component allowing JavaScript classes.

Angular 2 was rewritten from the scratch with the aim to provide developers with better performance.


Angular 2 Features:

  • Enhanced, fast, and highly scalable framework
  • Useful framework for all the platforms
  • Architecture is based on Web components
  • Hierarchical Dependency Injection


Angular 4 (March 2017)


Why Angular 3 was skipped ?

Because the routing package in Angular 2 was given version 3 by accident. So for maintaining compatibility the developing team directly named version 4.

Angular 4 supports JavaScript applications, Typescript compiling to JavaScript.


Angular 4 Features :

  • Provides navigation toolbar
  • Autocomplete menus
  • Code size reduction of generated bundles
  • If /else statement supported
  • Support for Email validator.


Angular 5 (November 2017)

Angular 5 is an open-source framework based on Typescript with lots of new features.


Angular 5 Features:

  • Declarative templates
  • AOT as default ( Ahead of time compilation )
  • Typecheck in templates
  • Update to HTTP client
  • Speed improvements

The updates are frequently done and the latest version of Angular is v13.


Angular 13

Since the involvement of Ivy from version 9, The newest update of Angular seems to have 100% ivy. Support for Ivy library is being completed. Support for the View engine has been excluded.


Angular 13 Features:

  • Inbuilt validators can be enabled or disabled dynamically
  • Removal of view engine
  • Improved error messaging
  • Persistent build-cache by default
  • Internet explorer support is removed
  • Improved Testing
  • Easy Support and Maintenance

Here are some of the top applications developed using Angular


The most widely used service offered by Google is also the best example of Angular Js. The seamless functioning of the application with many users across the globe should be an indication of how powerful AngularJs is.

Gmail is single –page application. The website renders data through the front-end, this enables access to cache data on the offline side of the app.

Angular enhanced features of Gmail :

  • Response time is pretty good once the website or application is loaded, it hardly takes any delay in any of the features. Emails are easily opened.
  • Even if you are offline your content in the mail is displayed and based on previous actions the files may be available if downloaded but recent emails will be displayed from the last time you checked your inbox.
  • Hangouts service is integrated with Angular.


A streaming giant, providing content on-demand across the globe uses Angular in its tool for monitoring purposes.


A website with a large number of visitors is made with Angular 5, it responds to the queries of its users. Forbes pages are developed with the Write once and run anywhere principle.

The code re-usability allows the Forbes website to perform on any device, Os, or browser.


A worldwide used employer-employee marketplace is also Angular-based. With the best UI/UX, Upwork also shows high performance.


Thanks to Angular, PayPal was able to provide fast and simple transactions after adopting the technology in the internal components.

The PayPal platform provides simple authorization for the individual or business. One can easily find tutorials for integration using AngularJs for PayPal.

Out of all the frameworks available in the market, AngularJS stands out because of its potential.

Since its arrival, it has established itself as one of the most reliable frameworks and it is evident from the number of users and different brands. From some applications mentioned in the article, you can get a clear answer to the question:” Why do we use AngularJS development?”.


What’s next?

Developing an Angular app is a simple task. The challenging task is to optimize the performance for providing a fruitful experience to end-users. You can use these informative tips for optimizing and enhancing your Angular app at your convenience.

We have a dedicated Angular developers team, who constantly keeps on researching and extracting different ways to improve the web and mobile app performance. So, whenever you feel confident about web application development, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Hire our experienced Angular team.

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